Feature Request: USB-LAN support by Gl.inet UI

@coldcuppatea glad to see you back here.

Geezus, people. Just pick up a 5-port switch from D-Link or T-P Link. 12.00USD. More ports than you could need but no concern over firmware.

@bring.fringe18 keep your hair on mate. The method above would also allow you to change USB to WAN which is something that your ethernet switch cannot do.

Oh, cut the crap. You’re talking about is loading addn’l kmods for a ASIX adapter… if you can even confirm it has them. What’d’ya think you’re going do when it comes to writing the firewall rules for zoning that new interface, huh? Ya gonna expect it to all ‘automagically’ appear in the GL GUI?

If you want dual WAN as you describe & don’t know the difference between CLI & TTY, just drop 40.00USD & get a Beryl.

And then again, go and take a chill pill.

Fascinating. You have no problem with my similarly stylized responses when I agree w/ you:

(& I stand by that comment agreeing with you)

Just pulling your legs mate. Relax. You sound too knowledgeable about this OperWrt palaver and I really enjoy reading your posts and the way you try and help (which can be a bit peculiar - in a good way - at times I have to admit). Keep up the good work.

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All right, I admit it. You got me. 666/10. Would get trolled again.

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@bring.fringe18 maybe a bit of an overreaction? If we were all experts like you, we wouldn’t need a forum to discuss issues like this :slight_smile:

I have a spare 5 port TP link switch, so if you can provide more details on how I can use it to load share between my two WAN connections, I’d be happy to give it a try and report back.

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If it were a managed spare 5 port switch, it could do it. You would connect that to the WAN port of the GL-inet router. On the GL-inet device you would make a WAN1 on VLAN 1001 (Tagged and on the WAN interface) and WAN2 on WLAN1002 (Tagged and also on the WAN interface) and setup WAN1 and WAN2 the way you would want.

On the switch you would connect the WAN port of the GL-inet on port 1 (trunk, 1001 and 1002 tagged) and setup port 2 with default (untagged) vlan 1001 and disallow all other vlans. Port 3 would be with default (untagged) vlan 1002 and disallow all other vlans.

Extra credits can be obtained if you would configure the 2 devices to allow the remaining 2 ports to be extra LAN :wink:

No sure if the GL-inet gui would not murder that type of config, but this would work!


< valley girl > Maybe you should have a basic understanding of the technologies before buying products & implying they’re at fault. < / question mark >

And then you wonder how I know you’re in over your head. Get a Beryl. Put it upstream.

@bring.fringe18 Pathetic. Bye troll.

A scathing retort from the vapid consumer! I don’t know how I shall sleep tonite.

Adios, mouth breather.

Anyway, angry trolls aside, I’ll have a crack at getting it working again but unfortunately one of my connections is down at the moment. Worth a bit of effort as it was great when it was working.


Do you know the meaning of the word projection, air head?

I look forward to hearing from you again.

I have usb2lan working on tether. Main thing seems to be to have the device going into it setup for DHCP. The tethering interface seems to default to DHCP when disconnected and reconnected. You can set to static in Luci but if it disconnects it causes issues.

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FTTC connection finally fixed today, so had a go at getting this working again. I deleted the kmod-usb-net-asix package and then re-installed the latest version (and I’m on v4.2.3 of the router firmware) and as you can see from the screenshot, I’ve now got roughly the same amount of data received on each interface again.

And there was me thinking that as a vapid, air-headed, valley-girl, over his head, mouth-breathing consumer it was going to be beyond me to figure it out :man_shrugging: Lucky I don’t pay too much attention to :troll: :troll: :troll: :laughing:

Let me know how you get on!


That is excellent news and will definitely try it as soon as SWMBO would allow me to mess up the internet (again). Thanks for the heads up on getting things working again.

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Keep pretending you made some sort of a point, troglodyte; we both know you were never aware of the need for checking, much less would look @, the kmod for asix before I so casually mentioned it.

(… after all, why else would you state 🢁?)

So go & choke on it.