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“Meta Mesh has been buying tiny travel routers from a Chinese manufacturer for between $25 and $40, putting bigger antennas on them, and then placing the units in water-tight containers so they can be used outdoors.”


I work for Meta Mesh, and I do apologize that Gl-Inet was not credited in this article, I wasn’t aware we were even mentioned in PC magazine until now.

I have contacted the author of the article to see if they’ll add a reference to gl-inet as the manufacturer in their post. We try our best to credit gl-inet wherever we can, such as our webstore and website.

Thanks for posting this article.

Thanks both.

Meta mesh does a good work!

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I do apologize that Gl-Inet was not credited in this article
Was not implying any fault in the failure to give credit: this is common practice in the print media, and nothing you need to apologize for. The vendor is only incidental to the story -- the concept is what matters here. The point of posting a link to the article was to highlight the application, because the incumbent monopolies are severely price gouging their customers. (In many areas the price for internet service is over 10 times what it costs to provide!)

Mesh networks can help to lower prices because people can share or sell data traffic capacity which they are not using. A mesh also makes it possible for new internet providers to enter the market and offer less expensive service by installing wireless nodes which function as internet gateways. An efficient, high capacity mesh network is going to need more than just traditional WiFi, but you have to start somewhere - and it’s good to see that people are trying.


A subscriber owned network with over 30,000 households


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