Feedback and my use with 4 gl.inet Products


I post a review, feedback and my basic use about the product glinet.

I have 4 products from gl.inet :

GL-USB150 (usb wifi)
I use to repeat the wifi signal in my house when I am too far away from the modem, the wifi range is pretty good for the size and it’s doesn’t use a lot of energy, i can use a powerbank without issues.

I use this one for the work with the openvpn protocol. It’s enough to consult website and coding/working.

I use this with the bandwidth limiter because i don’t have an unlimited internet connection (I use my phone to share my 4g/5g network) with the usb tethering or wifi repeater). It’s saving my data a lot, if I did not use this tool my data would only last in a few days with all my connected equipment (Xbox, Smart TV, 4 PC, YouTube autoplay 4k, window update, steam and games update without warning me)

GL-AR750 (Creta)
I use this one in the garden at my parents house with a 50 meter RJ45 from the modem. I can use the 2 RJ45 to plug my ip cam and a laptop. Plus I have a powerful wifi 5ghz next to the swimming pool :grinning:.

The software it’s stable and easy to understand, it’s plug and play.
In the future, i will have the 1gbps Ethernet fiber. I will take a subscription to a vpn with wireguard and a new glinet products with a good bandwidth / cpu for the streaming content maybe I will buy the Flint, the Brume or the slate AX.