Firmware 3.201 Rtty Issues

I’m having issues with the GoodCloud Rtty features when using firmware 3.201-0402. I’ve had some success initializing a remote terminal with an X750 modem using a 4G connection, but only 1 of the 3 X750 modems I’ve tested worked. When I click the “Access your device terminal” button in GoodCloud, 99% of the time it loads a “Loading…Server Error!” message. It seemed more consistent a few days ago, but today I haven’t been able to initiate a single remote terminal session. Is there something going on with the GoodCloud server?


What carrier are you using?

I’m using AT&T on all the modems. For one day this week, I was able to consistently remotely access my first test modem. The rest of this week I haven’t been able to initiate any terminal sessions though. When I tested the remote terminal feature on the first day, clicking the link in GoodCloud would only open the session around 1 out of 10 times. If I directly entered the URL “[deviceID]” into the browser, it would pull up almost every time. Now it won’t even do that though.

Developer is checking

I have the modem that I originally tested and set up linked to an enterprise test account. A few days ago I could pull the remote terminal up and now I can’t. The modem has been running the entire time and nothing has changed to my knowledge. If a dev would like to try to access this modem, please let me know.