Firmware 4.5 or newer for X750 Spitz

Hello folks!

There is a big announcement on the firmeware download page that we should upgrade to version 4.5:

Please update to Ver. 4.5 to address critical security flaws in GL.iNet OpenWrt Routers.

Currently there is only 4.3.7 and a 4.6.0 snapshot availible for the x750. Is there a timeline for when 4.5 or a newer version will be released for this device? Also, is there a repository where you can take a look at your current work/changes (e.g. Github…)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m on 4.3.7 - tried the snapshot, 4.6.0 and couldn’t connect, so forced back to 4.3.7.

Thanks a lot for trying that out :slight_smile:
So using the latest snapshot is currently no solution to get the critical security flaws fixed…

Btw, there is currently a beta out (4.3.13 from 2024-03-26) which I am running since it was released, working quite well :slight_smile: But still far away from 4.5.x…