Firmware 4.5

email error write

I don’t have this using the italian GUI.

Yes it is wrong. Stupid mistake.

Only you enable preview you will have this info.

name description disappeared

Did you have names before? The names are not automatically there. You have to enter them.
Other than that: Beta firmware 4.5 is out for the MT-3000 but also for the GL-AXT1800

of course I had names before coming from 4.4.6

I hope, you made a backup of your previous settings. Otherwise, you will have to enter all the values again :frowning:

Is it possible to load a backup of version 4.4.6 onto 4.5?

I wouldn’t do that. It might work, but there is also a chance to mess up things.

I put version 4.4.6 back and the names of the devices in the reserved IP section returned