Firmware 6416A

Hey anyone can help firmware gl-2.12

So what is the problem?

Hi, I’m new here.
Today has received the router and immediately decided to upgrade to the last firmware openwrt-6416-2.12.bin. Update passed without problems, but after a reboot I can not log in, the password that I set is not suitable.
How can I reset the default password?

oops. 2.12 is actually in on the download page but we haven’t expected people download that quickly. There are one problem preventing you using it.

  • Password is encrypted in 2.12 but not in 2.11

So, please press and hole the RESET button for around 8 seconds so that the router revert back to factory default and you will be able to reset your password.

This is a bug for upgrading and we will correct this.

ok, thanks