Firmware changes WISP instable


I have been very happy with my router for years, by doing WISP config, it used to be very stable, but i did the mistake of upgrading firmware and now the WISP connection is always going down. I have to manually restart the interface many times. And I don’t remember the previous version of the firmware i had.

What is the reason why the WWAN interface is always going down? I noticed also that the connection is not as strong as before and drops to 30% from time to time. Is there a way to force WISP to always stay connected independent of the value of the connection?

I have only been using the latest firmware on my Mifi, but i have also noticed that if i for example am on 4G, and i come near a saved Relay hotspot, then internet tries to swap as it should, but it takes very long, and the wifi led blinks rapidly, and stops, almost like it has trouble starting. The relay’s configured to use WISP.

If you only have one SSID to connect, I suggest you disable repeater_manager.

Just ssh to the router and rename /usr/bin/gl_health to something else.

Make sure you WISP is connected now and reboot your computer.

Now the router should always connect to the same SSID. If it fails it will tries connect all the time. But if it fails to connect, its own SSID cannot be broadcast, so you have to use a cable to connect to the router.

Ok, I will give it a try. Thank you!