Firmware files for GL AR300M

Hi I would like to know how to update my Gl AR300M mini router. Automatic update doesn’t work while for the local upgrade I can’t find the version of my mini router.
I attach an image of the panel with all the version information.
I await your little help. Thank you

Here are the latest updates for this model: GL.iNet download center


  • Your settings can NOT be kept when upgrading to this version from 3.x. Please backup your settings first.
  • This version firmware does NOT include the following features:
    • File Sharing
    • Captive Portal
    • Automatic Upgrade
    • RS485
    • GPS
    • Mesh
  • This admin panel does NOT include the following languages:
    • French
    • Korean
    • Russian
  • Limited by CPU performance and storage space, this version firmware also does NOT include Network Storage fature. (Allow users to install via plug-in after exroot)