Firmware for 300m16 Not working

“New” 300m16, in box.

Does not offer DHCP.

Press and hold button, I get uboot.

Choose enable button.

Put button to right.

Flash this file: javascript:getObject(‘firmware/ar300m/tor/openwrt-ar300m16-tor-3.203.bin’)


Unit reboots.

Two lights.

Eventually one light.

Plug in Ethernet.


Maybe this firmware does not work correctly? Please test.

Maybe there is some other problem? Please explain.

Bad unit or bad user? Please tell me if there is something I must do. It is too long after for returning.

More Informations:

Now I have UBOOT. I upload many files, use the button left/right (very confusing, this) and always, no success.

Sometimes it say it is uploading and I wait but then is still uboot! Very strange!

Sometimes it reboot and have one light, but no DHCP.

Maybe I must return?

The firmware should be correct.

As this is only 16Nor flash version, don’t choose “enable button”, which is used for dual flash.

When you flash firmware using uboot, did you see the LED flashes quickly? If yes it means the firmware is writing to the Nor flash.

If the above is correct, then it must be something wrong with this unit. Suggest you to get a replacement.