Flashing GL-S10 - PCB and header changed from guide

I want to reflash the GL-S10 with ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy SW. My GL-S10 has a different PCB to the one in your guide https://static.gl-inet.com/docs/en/3/specification/gl-s10/gl-s10-pinout.jpg

My board looks like this https://photos.app.goo.gl/7MgV7kekdAWrmiAT8

Please do you have the header pinout for this board. Thanks, Roger.

When did you buy it?

I can ask but the engineers are in holiday.

From this image, J3 should be UART

It was shipped on 22nd September 2022. The PCB is V2.1 2022/05/06. I now found the header pinout on the silkscreen under the POE module and it is the same as the V1.
It would be good to update the documentation as the V2.1 has a slightly different layout to the V1.

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Thanks. We will update the docs.