Flint 1800 Router Wireguard VPN Problem

Hello all,

If I set the VPN Dashboard from Global Proxy to Client Mode and tell certain devices to use VPN, it works fine for the devices.

The other devices without VPN also work, but with problems.

Do those who should not use VPN also be assigned or does it work automatically? If it should go automatically, it does not work very well. Often comes to disconnections.

Is there also a “Kill Switch” and if so where?

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You use mac address based policy, right?

You only choose a list to use with or without vpn. Don’t need to make another list to use without or with vpn.

The Mac address is only taken from the given list for vpn. Those who should not use a VPN are not added. (current)

It is here.
In fact, Block Non-VPN Traffic option enable, the router uses a more forcible way of blocking leaks. It doesn’t just block the internet when the client is down.