Flint 2 no web admin access, no luci

After configuring wireguard, and few other things I did reboot, after this no more access to web admin or luci. It is trying to download file called download. with content:

require "luci.cacheloader"
require "luci.sgi.cgi"
luci.dispatcher.indexcache = "/tmp/luci-indexcache"

Internet works just fine …
did /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart but nothing

What else did you configure?
You seem to broke lua or the nginx configuration or both.
But mostly it’s nginx

Flint2 uses nginx, not lighttpd

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dyndns (luci)
adguard (web admin)
added second ssid (shell)
After reboot seems lighttpd just “gone” and now everything working as expected.
Is any list what shall I avoid to install on Flint2 ?

It seems I cannot add ports, they were there yesterday (https forwarding to internal ip works) but list is empty…