Flint 4.1 r2 - sync button

What does this button do ? Is there any code that I can set to make it function as wifi up/down ?

This button was originally designed to provide Mesh synchronisation. It is not yet in use.

I’ve got 4.2.1 on my Flint. Is there any way to make this button perform as WPS? Or perhaps in the future?



What do you hope to do use it?

WPS = WiFi Protected Setup. It is, or once was, a pretty common method of setting up comms between devices without typing, copying, or pasting usernames and passwords. Push the button, device sends out a 8-digit number. Corresponding device reads number and comes online.


Uh … I thought you said WPS as an example.
None of our devices have ever supported WPS, and there are no plans to support this outdated protocol.

LOL, shows how old I am! :older_man: Thanks for the reply.