Flint AX1800 No Free Space

Did you use Adguard Home
What else packages did you install?

Yes i use only adguard home with latest firmware

Could you login router via ssh?And help to exec ‘df -h’.

Seems to indicate that authentication failed.
Please refer:‘SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

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Same problem

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If you use AdGuard Home and updated to the latest build from AGH Settings page it’s possible that AGH backup has taken all your free space to create backup folder with data.

Also check in AGH folder query log file - this tend to grow up and eat space on my install; if so just simply delete query file to recover space.

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Both “df -h” screenshots show quite a lot of freespace on /overlay (internal storage) with only 69% and 64% used.

The “Plug-ins” page may not be correct.

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What is the path of these folders?

This is my understanding of /overlay:

In OpenWRT, /overlay is like a “virtual” filesystem that combines the read-only ROM and writeable NAND flash in the router.

It “overlays” /rom where the firmware is stored and cannot be physically modified, so that its files can be accessed without having to copy them into NAND. If you modify one of these files, OpenWRT saves a new version in NAND that “overrides” the /rom file. If you delete one of these files, OpenWRT sets a “flag” in NAND that indicates the file has been deleted.

Any new /overlay files are stored in NAND, which includes new packages and config files. Modification and deletion of these files are done directly in NAND because they are not also stored on /rom.

I prefer to run “df” with “-h” that sizes in 1K blocks instead of MB. Here is a thread about checking real available storage space (on a different router):

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No, because I can’t update or install any packages.

Try installing packages in LuCI UI → System → Software.

This is totally normal as the /overlay is the writeable system. It has 20.5M space.

Can you install package now?

It might be worth logging into the AdGaurd Home portal and clearing the logs there. In addition, it’s worth setting the query logs retention to something like 24hours to automate this process. However, this only cleared up about 2MB additional space from 0MB. Does anyone have alternatives to increasing the storage space on the router?


AdGuardHome takes ~20MB, with the program alone taking up ~18MB.

I successfully moved AdGuardHome to USB drive or SD card:

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