Flint - AX1800 will be a while. Unfortunately

I’m just going to hold off on AX until IPQ6000 SoCs are part of the vanilla OpenWrt build or GL rolls in the ath11k driver. That is the only thing holding me back. If I can get all that working with our LTE dongles, we’ll migrate to Flint. Just needs some dates so I know if my waiting is futile. Need some transparency, is all.

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You can check the forums for past vulnerabilities that were fixed. If that isn’t enough then return it and get another OpenWRT router with Wifi6. You seem like one of those users that will never be happy no matter what.


That does not need to be ath11k. We can make it work in current firmware, cannot we?

ath11k is not impossible though.

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That isn’t all I/we need. We are using MPTCP which now only supports 21.02.1. We have our own TCP acceleration software for sat links which needs 19.07 or newer. We have MQTT management software (Not Gls MQTT) that requires 19.07 or newer. We use a custom version of netifyd that requires 19.07 or newer. We build our images with those custom packages on top of GLs imagebuilder. It’s not just the ath11k driver that is needed, it is 21.02.1 that is needed for other reasons. I doubt IPQ6018 support will be in 19.07, in fact, the other forums I’m watching pretty much confirmed that. So, as I said in an earlier post, I think we need IPQ6018 support in 21.02, and we need GLs 4.x version to make all this align. One other thing to note, 21.0.1 is based on kernel version 5.4.154. The ath11k driver is being tested, at least right now, on 5.13+. I don’t know if those are really that different or not in terms of ath11k driver. I have considered porting it to 21.02.1 myself just to kick things off, but I just don’t have the resources for that right now.

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another OpenWrt router”? Seriously, Flint is not an OpenWrt router and is unlikely to be one any time soon. OpenWrt itself states that firmware built with QSDK is not OpenWrt. Why do you insist on pretending otherwise and ignoring the fact that misrepresenting what you are selling is a real problem for some users for a variety of reasons?

I’d be happy if I could return it but it was an international order so unless Glinet is paying for the shipping – which seems unlikely given that Glinet doesn’t appear to recognize there is a problem slapping a label on something and selling something else-- I’m not throwing good money after bad.

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Damn, and I just purchased the Flint hoping it’d be better than the Beryl.

If you or anyone is using vanilla OpenWrt on a router with AX compatibility(that’s stable or will be in the near future) that they can recommend, I’d be grateful.

Do you understand one of the fundamental reason why a lot of your customers buy a OpenWrt router?

A Chinese company selling routers touted at giving users control of their internet privacy, yet reading this thread is portraying something different and given the bad press on Chinese operations I don’t know why you think it’s funny. You will be seeing a very negative review on amazon linking this thread and others to save potential buyers the hassle, since your marketing fails to be transparent when you promote and sell your ishwares, it seems like others have to!

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First of all i am not a GL employee so its not “my marketing” and “your customers”. I moderate the forums on my free time since i love the GL products. Second, i’m not even Chinese. Yes it was very funny, all he was saying, since all GL routers are OpenWRT based, fully patched for vulnerabilities.

GL has never stopped giving users control over their privacy, i don’t see how me laughing at a user twisting words for his own narrative do that either.

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