Flint - Can I designate 2 Ports as WAN?


I have both Cable Internet and a 5G cellular router.

Can I designate both the existing Flint WAN port plus 1 x LAN port as WAN and use something like Multi-WAN to provide fail-over between the 2 ports ?


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A feature that I have also asked for a while ago and it seems manageable and not too difficult for programmers but has unfortunately not been implemented yet.

I thought you could use a second USB ethernet configure as WAN. Openwrt 22.03 all the ports are devices and can be setup accordingly.

Even if that was the case, it needs to be made simple and incorporated into the GL.iNET user interface and be an integral part of multi-WAN capabilities.


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This has come up before, but as stated by alzhao: “it is a little complicated and only hobbist can do that

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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There’s only one way to have dual gateways and that’s via a paid for service.

As for fallback. If you can get the glinet router to hold 2 internet connections at once, eg tether and repeater or repeater and lan etc, then when one connection fails it will fall back to the other.

I don’k know with Flint but I did without problems on AR750S.

In Luci.
Network / Switch
Make a new VLan for example 3 or 56 what you want and assign a LAN port and make tagged CPU and this new VLan only. Make Off on the new VLan in other places. Only CPU and Vlan 3 or 56 tagged. Save, Apply.

Network / Interfaces
Create a new interface. Name wanb for example. Make it DHCP client. Save Apply.
Edit new interface
1.Physical Settings, select on the list Ethernet Switch eth0.3 or eth0.56 (examples above).
2.Advanced settings set Metric to 30.
3.Assign Firewall settings to wan zone. Save Apply

Install luci-app-mwan3 package. Logout and login again in Luci.

Network / Load Balancing should appear in menu.
1.Interfaces. Add. Name it wanb again if you want. Check Enabled - Online. Save
2.Members. Add. Name it wanb_only if you want and THAT’s IMPORTANT, put same Metric and Weight as wan. Save
3.Policies. EDIT the one already made and add inside the options the new wanb. Save. Apply.

Connect the cable on the port you tell is wanb, may be port 1-4 in the Flint. Look in Luci/Intefaces if wanb have and assigned IP given by and from the 5G cell router. If ok, connect internet both devices.

In Luci again go to Status / Load Balancing and look the colours if green both wan and wanb that’s ok, also look in Details what proportion they have. If well done it must be 50% wan and 50% wanb.

I don’t know if Flint has same things in Luci than AR750S.

Also the same thing is possible with wwan if you connect to your 5G cell router by wifi and you don’t have to make new interface nor vlan, only Load Balancing configuration in wwan.



That procedure is probably what alzhao meant as being a little complicated :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

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This is exactly what I ended up doing (to preserve my sanity although hard wired connection will always be faster and more stable). Thanks for the detailed information.

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I hope it worked on the Flint. Bye

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Sorry for the late response, I was travelling.

It would be nice if this could be baked into the official firmware and configured easily via the GUI.

For now, there are a couple of options detailed here and I guess I will try the wireless connection, seems easiest but not optimal.


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