Flint - Can't access local resources when connected to Mullvad VPN


I’m happy that my Flints have finally arrived. Setup was easy and straightforward, but I have an issue I can’t figure out how to fix.

As of now, my Flint gets internet from WAN port connected to my router provided by ISP (Flint WAN IP Flint’s subnet is default I’m using Mullvad VPN, it works well, but when Flint is connected to VPN my devices, e.g. laptop ( can’t access resources on the main router’s subnet (e.g. RDP on, or file sharing on etc.).

I tried using VPN Policy, set to be accessed without using VPN and it seems to work, my devices connected to Flint can access, but enabling VPN policies completely kill internet connection when connected to Mullvad VPN.

As a temporary fix, I changed firewall settings through LuCI (I think I added an entry so that when device in Flint’s LAN tries to access request to be handled through gateway and it seems to work, I’m connected to Mullvad and still can access local resources in subnet, but the problem is that I have connection drops when accessing above mentioned resources.

So, to summarize, I need help to stay connected to Mullvad VPN with Flint and still be able to access devices in the Flint’s WAN subnet from Flint’s LAN devices. I hope I made it clear. Thank you in advance and feel free to ask if you have any questions, I am by no means tech guy, so I might have done something wrong.

P.S. My flint is running latest accessible firmware with integrated update system.

While this seems a problem. It should not kill Internet. Otherwise there is a bug.

For the testing purposes, I did a similar setup on my second Flint.

I was able to narrow the proboem down to internet killswitch.

Vpn connected and VPN policies enabled
Everything seems to work as intended.

If I also enable Internet killswitch, local traffic works fine but it kills internet connection.

It has to be noted that after enabling killswitch, ping/tracert on IPs still works, but if I try to ping/tracert a domain name, it times out, so I suppose it has something to do with DNS maybe.

I narrowed it down to DNS:
Current issue was that my PC had static IP/DNS setting. I don’t know why but it does not like static DNS (Open DNS/Google). I switched it to dynamic, everything seems to work so far.

That is a temporary fix for me as I want to have static IP/DNS for reasons, but it might help others. I’ll update if I manage to get it to work.

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Seems it is a problem that your setting preventing your DNS request.

Can you let me know your detailed vpn policy settings?

Sure, nothing special, I’ve Flint connected to Mullvad, VPN policy enabled to connect to IPs,, without using VPN. Internet Killswitch - Enabled.

I’ve found a workaround to fix my issue completely, but it won’t make sense to post it here as I had to change config on other devices on my network, so it won’t be helpful. Shortly, I just made sure that desired devices always connect to Flint and acquire IP/DNS from Flint (!). Also on Flint I pre-assigned desired IP addresses using MAC addresses of the devices.

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To sum it up, I don’t think there’s a bug, maybe it was just my bad configuration and/or compatibility issue on my network.

One thing to consider, when you use google dns on windows, windows automatically encrypt it.

Not sure if this will be blocked by the vpn policy or killswitch.

Yes, That’s what I thought, probably vpn+killswitch did not like the fact of using OpenDNS/Google.

So far so good, I’m happy with the product, easy to setup and use. I’d wish to have WiFi Antennas with larger area coverage, but that’s for another topic.

Keep up the good work!

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