Flint Drops Ethernet Connections

Have a flint with 4 devices connected via ethernet and the WAN as a 5th. Sometimes within 1-3 days the ethernet connection to my primary workstation will shut down. Removing and replacing the cable does not help. Resetting the Flint does. The uptime of 6 hrs is not very cool. ANy suggestions.

When this happens, can you get the log?

Pls also let me know what protocol do you use for WAN, DHCP, PPPoE or static?

Also are you using firmware 3.207?

The error occurs under current flint firmware.
I rebooted the router yesterday and this morning the ethernet connection on my mac was down.
Rebooted router again and the ethernet came up.

Firmware 3.207
Wan is Ethernet DHCP
Wireless is OFF
Have a Wireguard VPN Server configured and operating.
LAN IP has been changed from default.
Not much else.

What log and how do I pull it?

Without reboot the router (when your reboot the log is gone), try to connect to the router (via lan or wifi), ssh to it and use logread to get the log.

About ssh SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

I have no ability to upload zipped logs as a new user. Would you turn this on so that when I have the appropriate log I can send it to you.

Pls try again now. It should be OK.

Ethernet is off again this morning.
logread.txt.zip (5.3 KB)

What is your WAN side router or modem?

Flint is renewing IP address every 3 minutes. This is not good.

Can you set the DHCP lease time longer on your main router?