Flint firmware v4.1 beta1

I tried new beta firmware, wifi without cake sqm for a few days
in household normal usage for 10~20 devices, no problems, quite stable

Temperature is usually around 80C (south east asian hot weather) running just wifi, so a bit of concern there but so far so good

At around usd70 refurbished is quite a good deal, it is finally a good enough option alongside asus rt-ax56u for normal users, existing owners please give it another try when firmware v4 is official

for advanced users, further fine tuning with cake sqm is also possible in this beta firmware and when all features: DoT, adguard home, 2 types VPN server and client, goodcloud and app control are bug free(have not checked), will be a very good router

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first implementation of wifi scheduling is also fine, i am already using, yes there is room for further development

running with following extra enabled
cake sqm
adguard home

with only 380mb ram available to the openwrt, its not exactly enough to run more blocklists, no ram left after around 300,000 blocked domains and router operation becomes unstable

if you want to run everything on this router, such as vpn server, etc, i guess you will need 1gb ram

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Is there a tutorial on how to update AdguardHome? Automatically it does not work anymore. Just swapping the AdGuardHome file did not work.

Should be in the GL.iNet admin panel, if not you can install from GL.iNet plugins. Will need to restart. AdGuardHome 0.107.08

A new beta was compiled on 10-15-22 may need to update.

I have been running 3.214 for a couple of months some issues but was able to resolve.
Now have moved to V4.1
Extras running:
Cake sqm was able to achieve “A+” grade on waveform test. “A” without sqm running
AdguardHome with OISD full list (486,868 rules) updated hourly and 24hour retention logs
Wiregaurd client
VPN Policy using MAC

Ram used is 365mb(still seems really high) not sure if its Adguard or Wireguard mem leak issue still

I also use SSH and run:
echo ‘3’ > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches (can I add this to cron to happen every 6 hours)