Flint GL-AX1800 in 2 days have a issues. need to roobot every time

Hi there,

hope you are well.

About 2/3 days now that my router lost pppoe connection and nothing work, only things that i can do is: go to luci–> enter and press reboot.

the main modem working properly and have connections…

basically I’ve got maim modem and via Ethernet the flint is connected and doing his job providing internet to all my devices .


Hostname GL-AX1800
Model Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. IPQ6018/AP-CP03-C1
Firmware Version OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 a828782+r49254 / LuCI Master (git-20.356.08465-e96d522)
Kernel Version 4.4.60

3.214 firmware.

thanks to all for the support :slight_smile:

Maybe you should try the Flint 4.0 beta firmware, it runs the latest OpenWRT v.21.x.

(If you want to switch from 3.x firmware to 4.0 firmware, you need to download Uboot one to switch over.)

Ok done . Seems a very good design:)

I’ll try this one and see .

Thanks for your help

Last one : when release 3 is out I can found o my router or I need to do manually?

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If you use 4.0 firmware now you will find new firmware when there is release.

But 3.0 may still not upgrade to 4.0 directly as normal upgrade.