Flint GL-AX1800 ... No light brick

Here’s how it happened.

  1. I updated to the latest V4 beta
  2. Decided to go back to stable as V4 had issues with some of my firewall rules (I had to use the unbrick method to go back to V3)
  3. AGAIN, even with stable version 3.214 I faced a lot of issues … So I thought, maybe I should reset to factory settings using the normal method (holding reset for 4 seconds) was the best idea (IT WAS NOT)
  4. Bammmmm Flint stopped working, no lights even this time so the unbrick method didnt work

Is it really gone? is there anything I can do? I really liked this router.

No light at all?

Seems it is burned. Reset should not burn it. Maybe just coinsidence.

When you go back to 3.214 you can boot, right? I am thinking if this step you bricked the router.

Another reason why Admin panel must provide option to Reboot into Uboot Web UI :face_vomiting: it is already disgusting to mess with hardware reset buttons but THIS is like a warning sign :face_with_monocle:

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when I went back to 3.214 … it did boot fine, but I was not able to change it to access point mode for some reason, so I thought maybe reseting it would fix things … it did not

It works fine as Router mode, not access point mode now?

nope. nothing works … the lights wont even come on (as i mentioned)

Just send cs at GL-iNet.com an email asking exchange.