Flint (GL-AX1800) scheduled tasks and client queries

I have been trying utilize the scheduled tasks on my Flint router. Turn off router and wifi works, though when turning wifi back on I have issues connecting back on wifi unless I reboot the router. is this normal?

Also though wifi clients (users on wifi network) is there a way to “kick” someone off the network remotely?


Sounds like a bug, do all clients do this?

It does not have the ability to kick client devices out of Wi-Fi yet.

An alternative solution is to disable connections to the extranet. From the client page you can disable specific devices from connecting to the extranet. If you upgrade to the 4.2 firmware, you can prevent all newly accessed devices from connecting to the extranet until you manually allow it via the parental control feature.
The other is to receive notifications of new clients joining via GoodCloud. Modify your WiFi as soon as an unknown device is connected.

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Thanks @yuxin.zou for your prompt reply.

I am already on Firmware 4.2 so I guess I should wait for the next release and remove my scheduled tasks.

About removing connections. Is it something you plan on doing on future releases?

We have plans to develop access control features in version 4.4 or later. But not the “kick out of Wi-Fi connection” kind. It will prevent clients connected via Wi-Fi or cable from accessing any devices on the external network as well as the internal network.

I thought this feature existed already with “block wan”.

No problems. Will wait 4.4 hopefully to fix scheduled tasks.