Flint GL-AX1800 Slow Wifi Connection Speeds

Hi all,

Received my Flint router today and have it all set up and updated to the latest stable firmware. But having issues with the Wi-Fi speeds. My older Asus router would have a speed of about 800Mbps but the flint seems to be about 34-100Mbps. This is both low on 2.4 and 5Ghz. Even if I stand close to the router I get about 400Mbps. I have it set up in the middle of our flat and only has 1 wall to go through to reach. Also have checked channels for any neighbours and all free of traffic. Is there something I am doing wrong? Any help muchly appreciated.

PS I am using Wifi 6 devices, eg Samsung S22 and PC.


I’m not an expert. But I’d imagine the power draw from the home router is likely higher than the travel router and because of this the antennas have a higher gain or dB and thus have greater ability to provider better coverage with faster rates. Just a guess

Thanks for the reply. Is this classed as a travel router? I bought it under the impression it was a home router to replace my current one with upgraded wifi 6 :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I currently have it set up with modem attached and standalone router.

My mistake. I was speaking about the slate. Not the flint. Excuse my previous reply

What is the model of the Asus? I’d like to compare cpu / mem / power differences between the two

I have the ASUS RT-AC86U. I wanted something with Wifi 6 and the flexibility of OpenWRT, so bought the Flint device. Just hoping I can get the connection speeds up as I really like the device. I dont want to be running 2 routers as its only a small flat we live in. Thanks again for replies.

Wifi speeds of 34-100MBps over 5Ghz is really low for the Flint GL-AX1800, assuming it is on the same WAN connection as your Asus router. I suggest you reset the router to factory settings and start fresh. If it gives the same result, then I would return/exchange for another unit.

Although it was released years ago, the Asus RT-AC86U (running AsusWRT) is still a powerful and stable router and Wifi 6 may not give much more wifi speed over 800Mbps. I have an Asus RT-AX88U as a wired router and a Unifi U6 Pro as a Wifi 6 access point that gives approx. 15-20% increase on my Samsung S21+.

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After a factory reset and retest you could, If you still have the Asus and want to test a bit more you might try setting it to be your router… As mentioned above it supports openWRT. Perhaps not the latest version I haven’t checked. But then use the flint as an AP of that router. Reducing the cpu overhead by not having it being the router might show a speed boost on wifi. Alternatively. You could use wifi on both and have slightly faster wifi 6 speeds in the area of the flint along with the previous coverage provided by the Asus… I know you said you wanted less devices… But in the land of wifi, more antennas is one of the best ways of combating congested saturated RF landscapes. If in a flat you may be at the mercy of neighboring EMI. I would also recommend using something like wifiman or inSSIDer to do a site survey and make sure you aren’t fighting cross channel interference.

Sorry just read this part ; “Also have checked channels for any neighbours and all free of traffic.”

Please note that AsusWRT is not related to OpenWRT with a completely different UI. AsusWRT is developed by Asus for their routers, which was originally based on Tomato and since extensively modified and the source code released publicly.

I actually run AsusWRT-Merlin, which is developed by “Merlin” (online nickname) from the Asus source, with a similar UI and adding features and fixing issues:


Thanks for all your suggestions. I really wanted to only use 1 router. I’m going to try moving the router higher up than where I have it at the moment and see if that increases the speed. I have noticed Beamforming is taking effect as the speed does increase a bit if I turn off all the other devices but one.

I have been in touch with Gl-inet tech support but then seem to be more interested in my internet speed and not the speed between device, which I need. As I do quite a bit of file transfer between my computers and NAS. I will just have to run a long cable from the router to my PCs whilst I do this for now. I really like the router and the freedom of OpenWRT compared to other devices, even the Merlin AsusWRT.

I only have 60Mb broadband here so the speeds are fine for normal every day streaming and gaming. I will have a play with the positioning and see what I can get.