Flint GL-AX1800 uboot stuck

I’m trying to update again the uboot which I’m not sure which mine already updated or not.

Currently it showed uboot2.0 version 21.12.01

This update in progress taking forever.

its probably already updated , doesnt take that long, reboot your router and check the version.

Make sure you are using the correct loader. This is the Uboot update page.(update uboot here)

This is the Uboot firmware update page.(update system .img here

Could you guide where is the exact link to downlaod latest UBOOT and FIRMWARE for GL-AX1800 ?

This one.

MY AX1800 loading forever when updating UBOOT, how to check if the UBOOT already same like you provided?

version is at bottom of page

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I have a similar issue. I have not used my AX1800 Flint router for some time and when I started it, no DHCP servers comes up. I took the following steps:

  1. Tries to reset either by 3 secs or 10 secs as detailed in the manual. I would still not see the router, neither via wifi or connected to my local desktop through a direct ethernet cable.

  2. Update uboot according to this answer: Flint (4.x) update brings down my home internet for hours! - #3 by hansome. That is update uboot from This seems to work; the router blinks quickly, but then enters some sort of loop (more than 10 minutes).

  3. Reboot and use to upload firmware 3.216.

  4. After this the router enters what seems like the above mentioned infinite loop. The light is constantly on for ~30 secs, then it blinks once and fades slitghtly. This repeats forever.

  5. The DHCP server is not up (192.168.8.) network, neither is 192.168.1

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Please try to upgrade this firmware at uboot

Thanks, I tried and get the same behavior. The router blinks quickly for a few seconds while uploading, then enters a loop where it blinks once, then fades slightly. This repeats every 30 secs or so.

The led will be constantly on when the wan gets an Internet connection.
If the uboot upgrade process failed, try to use the chrome browser with incognito window.

Thanks, I tried the chrome browser in incognito mode and it’s unfortunately the same result. The flashing takes ~10 secs with fast bliking, then it resumes the loop with constant, faded light, started with one blink. I tried both with and without the WAN cable plugged in. In both cases no DHCP server appears after the update.

That’s strange behavior, never seen that before. Do you have a snapshot or video?

I finally fixed the issues with the AX1800 Flint router by replacing the 12V-1.5A power supply with a more powerful 2.5A.

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