Flint GL-AX1800 with PPPoE and VPN extremely unstable

Hello, I purchased this router purely for the OpenVPN speeds. On 3.207 firmware with no modifications besides installing LuCi and turning off the wireless (I run an Orbi mesh instead for Wi-Fi), this router routinely crashes, both with OpenVPN AND Wireguard configurations. In the last day, it has crashed over four times. Sometimes the system doesn’t go down, but it locks up completely until it recovers, sometimes the entire OS reboots.

Is this being looked at? If not I’m going to have to return this. Extremely disappointed.

Hi, I just tested the latest snapshot version 3.208 and it works fine so far. Please check the download link:
Also, here is the discussion about 3.208 firmware for your information:

Giving it a shot, will update thanks.

This firmware is much better, thank you for linking it. I have run OpenVPN client for over 33 hours without a hitch :slight_smile: