Flint router

Hi everyone. Been looking at GL.Inet products for a few week now. Just pre ordered the flint router…… does anyone know if I ordered 2 I can mesh them together? Thanks.

No one has the router yet but since its running OpenWRT you might find the [OpenWrt Wiki] Mesh Wi-Fi page useful.

I know no one has one yet. Just wondered if anyone knew of you could mesh them. Never used and GL.INET product before.

But why you want mesh?

There are tons of mesh routers already and Flint is definitely not designed for mesh.

Mesh will be one available but not main sales point.

I want a mesh to try and cover more of the house (pc is quite a distance from the router and not possible to hard wire) I want the speed and wider guard function and was also hoping to mesh.

its always possible that use any owrt router as repeater mode. Especially its too easy on gl.inet ones.

So as for the mesh, I basically want to stream from my pc (occasionally). I used to be able to do this over a wired network but not possible to wire in this house.

So my router is only 2 rooms away.

What would be the best way to get the best wireless connection to the pc? Buying a WiFi 6 card for pc, or buying a second WiFi 6 router and connecting to my Ethernet on the pc from the second router as a AP?


You should buy a wifi6 card first. It is just simpler and cheaper.