Flint WiFi not providing internet

I am using a Flint router and my devices can connect to the router just fine, but these devices are not getting internet.

I have setup a VPN client on the router, but I have VPN bypass policies for my wifi connected devices.

My Flint has been running reliably for a little while now (6 months+) and this issue is new. I have rebooted the router, no luck there.

Currently running firmware 3.214.

I would appreciate any help in troubleshooting this issue.

Edit: FYI my Ethernet connected devices get the internet

Have you tested it without the vpn client?

There may are a few other things to check:

for example does your router receive a wan ip from your modem?, If so… do your clients get a valid ip?, If you ping to do you get response but pinging to a domain it fails?, Have you performed a test when dns rebinding protection was off? (Often this can be a cause).

Note: the newer 4.1 beta for flint are alot more optimized for vpn policies😉


If your wireless network is more advanced with its own interface appart from lan, it could be the firewall zone, it needs to point the same as the lan zone in luci.

Thank you for the suggestions, it’s greatly appreciated.

I don’t want to be “that guy” but this is all alien to me, and I’m not sure where to start to be honest. For your info I haven’t tried to do anything advanced other than add a VPN client through the noob friendly UI, and then add some VPN exclusion policies to device MAC addresses.

Would you recommend I update to the 4.1 beta firmware?

hmm well its hard to know exactly why it does not work without having the full picture :yum:

But to start: what happens if you stop the vpn client?

For vpn its alot more improved, but to upgrade I won’t advise to use the gl-inet ui but use u-boot the reason why is because the beta might be too different in kernel and from my own experience it did brick, its a little technical click

if u want to read how to get into u-boot, basicly remove all cables and connect only a single cable to your pc, give your pc a static ip like then hold the reset pin on the router before powering the device and power it when holding the pin pressed until you see the third phase of flickering lights, when it turns white you can go to and upload the image, but I can see this is alot of information my guess is to wait until you feel more comfortable in the use with the router :yum:

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Do you get yellow or blue dot next to VPN?