Flint Wire guard

I love my Flint Router the only problem I have is when i reboot my system (router) I can no longer connect to my wireguard server the only way i can fix it is if i go back into the wireguard page and rescan the qr code is there any fix or ideas how i can fix this thank you for your time and great products

You mean when using Flint as Wireguard server, right?

Can you check when you reboot the router, the IP address changed? I think this could be the only reason.

In that case, you can turn on ddns and replace the IP with the ddns?

thank you I will try the ddns I never had this probelm with my ar750s or mt1300 its funny the ar750s is the best glinet router i have owned never any problems.

thx i just used the ddns address in the wireguard config works like a charm now thx for the help and solution.

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