Flint wireguard daemon question


So I was playing a little with the wireguard client config in specific with allowed_ips to play a little to experiment if I could manual add my vpn bypass over my vlan.

But when I used /etc/init.d/wireguard restart my connection becomes unresponsive, even if I rollback my action and using the same command it will be unresponsive again, only rebooting gives me a working internet connection over wireguard and on the ui it works too, I’m using the wrong daemon command ?

I feel I might found a bug here, I’m not sure what happens when WAN has connectivity loss for example by isp maintenance but wireguard might not reconnect in such scenario?


Yes I have tried to restart stubby aswell but it wont give me connection, it refuses all connections at that moment, and im using busybox 1.28.3_4 and ipv6 and rebinding is off.

Hi xize11:

There’s a post here, too.Found some bug on flints luci interface - #2 by lizh

  • Are they in the same configuration except that wireguard did not enable?

Hi @lizh,

Its the same setup, however the only difference is that in this zip I fixed the firewall problem, its a fully working config.

Hi, try to use command

/etc/init.d/wireguard downup
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