Fresh b1300 image?

I have received my unit today but found unable to install the fresh image downloaded from [OpenWrt Wiki] Techdata: GL.iNet GL-B1300 through web interface.
校验结果 错误:固件跟本设备硬件不匹配。when trying to upload lede-gl-b1300.bin that is.
Is there anyway to install a fresh opwnwrt image on the unit or can you provide a fresh bin compatible with the device?


@SagelessFox You can upgrade via u-boot. Setting your PC ip address to and starting tftpd server, then attaching your PC to b1300 router. Renaming firmware’s name to lede-gl-b1300.bin and placing it to tftpd server’s directory. It will fresh the image automatically when power on the device. Don’t forget stopping tftpd server when all is done.