Frustrating VPN Error on AR-750S "WARNING: No internet"

Hi I purchased 10 of these routers for my employees specifically for their VPN functionality.

I want to purchase 20 more but I cannot get the VPN functionality working in our office and this is VERY frustrating.

Every OpenVPN or Wireguard connection attempt results in a “WARNING: No internet” warning. Every LAN client can access the internet just fine, and our LAN clients can even connect to the same exact VPNs fine through the GL.inet router. This is a bug in your software.

Can you completely remove the “WARNING: No Internet” check, and just try to connect to OpenVPN or Wireguard anyways? Or provide an option to disable it? Or give me a custom build so I can buy more of these?

On every single RFC1918 connection I have tried, this error shows even if there is internet access. Here is our exact configuration

WAN Subnet:

LAN Subnet:

Tested across multiple networks for two months, reaching out for help. Thank you.

Also please add back two important features from the old firmware:

  • A checkbox to disallow internet access when VPN is disconnected - not always enabled (I do not want to always default true, especially if connecting to corporate private VPN which is not advertising default route)

  • Tailing of the OpenVPN log files

Thank you for your excellent products I have used for years, this new firmware is beautiful design, just needs some quick bug fixes.

Can you put it in the bug tracker? The devs will take a look at it :slight_smile:

Make them separate issues :slight_smile:


Okay I submitted some bugs.

The “WARNING: No internet connection” error is the MOST urgent for us, we want to buy more as soon as this is fixed!

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Business users do get some priority for feature requests compared to regular customers.
Check back on the status of the bug report and if it’s not fixed, send a message to @alzhao :slight_smile:

It seems that this issue was fixed. Could you please upgrade to the latest testing firmware?

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I already tried this snapshot and it is now impossible to change servers within the same configuration - it lists servers from another config even though they are correct in /confog/ovpnclients.

As an aside, in my opinion it would be better to list the configs in /etc/openvpn by name instead of ovpn0, ovpn1 etc, as I could only recognize the profile by looking at the password and username combo.

Nope, not working (Wireguard VPN) as of firmware 3.101

VPN functionality was the sole reason I bought 4 of these routers (out of a total of 10 employees potential purchase), but if this doesn’t work soon we may have to return them.

This is an old thread about an old bug. It should not be the case in 3.101.

Can you open a new thread with the details and we are glad to help?

I have the same problem, after upgrading to version 3.101 I can no longer open the wireguard configuration file and receive the following error: "warning: no internet!

can anyone tell me how can i make wireguard work?