FTP server and QoS on Beryl AX

Is there any update on the FTP server and the QoS for the Beryl AX, will it arrive on v4.6 as expected? QoS is definitely the function I want the most

@alzhao I would appreciate any information

For ftp you can consider sftp-server

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What exactly do you mean? There are some discussion about cake etc. It should be openwrt thing so you can do it using openwrt guide.

Setting the quality of service for a device, for example while gaming it’s important to have traffic priority for the device/console, to avoid lag, I haven’t looked the OpenWrt guide but I will. I just thought we would have a QoS mode on the GL.inet’s UI as planned

SFTP is even better, thanks

For gaming, may be you can check Anti-buffer bloat. It is not very difficult to configure.

Setting up quality of service for different protocols are far more complicated. So our process is low.

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