Future of GL.Inet Mesh Systems (Convexa & Velica) and new firmware

What is going to be the status of firmwares for the Gl-Inet Mesh systems (Convexa and Velica). Given that these are currently built on the Qualcomm SDK which is still based on OpenWRT 15.05, which supplies the Mesh functionality will there be any chance that they will get any more firmware updates either based on 15.05 or will they ever see later versions of OpenWRT in the form of Gl.Inet firmwares 4.x.x (21.02)?

Additionally is there any chance we will ever see a consumer based Zigbee interface for the Velica?

The Mesh feature isn’t included in the development plan for the 4.x firmware yet.
The last planned version of 3.x, 3.215, is in testing. We will provide a 4.x version of Convexa, but it will not include MESH. This version will not be officially pushed (it will be installed by users only).

Does making the mesh working in bridge mode work for you?

This would not be ideal because would lose the Gl.Inet/OpenWRT interface which is one of the reasons for using the Convexa/Velica.and also just adds another device into the equation :frowning:

I’ve just upgraded my 2 Convexa B’s to v4 beta. I’m disappointed to see that mesh is not available, surely this has to be developed, this was my main reason for buying the two Convexa’s. How do I implement mesh in v4 with bridge mode? Thanks

Firmware v4 has no mesh. We also don’t have plan in the near future.

Keep using v3 for mesh.

The mesh technologies was using Qualcomm closed source technology. V4 is totally open source and don’t have the same.