Getting disconnected from Beryl when searching for WLAN

I currently am connected via 5 GHz to my Beryl, this is connected to a hotel WiFi on 2,4 GHz.

When I let the Beryl search for networks, my laptop gets disconnected from the Beryl 5 GHz WLAN resulting in no found networks and I have to click the search button again, only to get disconnected again. I only get a 100% bar but no dropdown list of found WLAN.

I then took a LAN cable and connected my laptop to the beryl directly, searched for WLAN and got a list back.

Why does my laptop get disconnected from the Beryl network when searching? Why do I not get a list of found networks back after reconnecting?

Firmware ist latest stable, 3.211

I also experience this on my GL-AR750S and GL-MV1000W. I have learned to check and, if needed, reconnect to the router’s wifi again. Fortunately, I don’t have to scan for networks very often.

I am seeing the same issues on my AR750S and USB150. It is a real pain when you have to change WIFI Access points often due to issues with the WIFI providers in a small town. Sometimes I cannot connect to my GL iNet router for a couple minutes as it tries to scan and connect to another access point.

There are times I just give up using my travel router, and just connect with my PC and use my local VPN client, as the router keeps disappearing while it tries to connect to different access points as they come and go. Be real nice if this could be fixed!

This happens in lots of my GL devices. I just get wired to the LAN port if I know I’m going to be switching Wifi’s often for setup. It’s a lot more seamless. Once it’s setup and you just can unplug and use as normal.

I think this is in part because the wifi has to reconfigure itself into the WISP mode.

I don’t know why.

I am using Beryl with 3.211. I connect my pc to Beryl via 2.4G or 5G and can scan and get the list.

When scanning it should not disconnect you. It only disconnect when you try to connect to your existing wifi via repeater.

Are you able to connect cable to the LAN and get a list from scan?

Can you get the log after you failed scan?

After scan failed, do this:

  1. SSH to the router
  2. Use the following command
iwinfo ra0 scan
iwinfo rax0 scan

The commands above does the actual scan.

Need to see if any scan result crash the scan API.

Well, my Beryl is set up as client to a hotel Wifi.

I can try to get the requested logs when I am back in the hotel.

I believe it is not a failed scan.
I believe, the beryl does indeed scan, but when it scans for 5 GHZ wifi my laptop/smartphone gets disconnectd. The list is not displayed, because the Beryl configuration page is programmed in a way the list would be displayed after the scan is finished, sort of as an update to the existing page. But at this time the laptop is not connected anymore, then after some time it connects again, but the Beryl homepage thinks the list is already sent and displayed and therefore will not display it anymore.

I understood that you are taling with http request and timeout.

But it should not disconnect when you scan, unless something in the scran crashes wifi.

@alzhao I sent the logs requested via private message