Git revision for AR150 firmware 2.13


I have a AR150 reflashed with 2.13 firmware from GL.iNet download center

I have added an DS1307 RTC clock via I2C and I am able to communicate with it using i2c-tools but now I want to add the kmod-rtc-ds1307 kernel module.

The problem is that the module does not exist on repository so I need to compile it

I have been able to compile trunk from

but the version of the kernel has changed from 3.18.21 to 3.18.27 and an error occur when I try to install the module with

opkg install --force-depends kmod-rtc-ds1307_3.18.27-1_ar71xx.ipk

The question is: how can I get the correct git revision for the firmware version 2.13?

Thanks a lot



You need to go back two commits to 3.18.21

I checked and it should be something like this.

git reset --hard HEAD~3

Then check the file content include/