Github not updated?

I want to follow development for slate, this branch has not been updated for weeks.

am i looking at the right place?

Here is all the development:

There are several parts to the firmware:


This source has not been updated at least since the changes were made last year to fix the ARP problem with the GL-AR750S U-Boot.

Core OpenWrt

This seems to be reasonably up-to-date. It is presently a fork based on OpenWrt with a merge base of commit 7e15e21766, May 2018.

Package Feeds

This is referenced in feeds.conf.default from the previous

src-git gli_pub
src-git packages^35e0b737ab496f5b51e80079b0d8c9b442e223f5
src-git luci^f64b1523447547032d5280fb0bcdde570f2ca913
src-git routing^1b9d1c419f0ecefda51922a7845ab2183d6acd76
src-git telephony^b9d7b321d15a44c5abb9e5d43a4ec78abfd9031b

The various commit dates can be referenced from those repositories. Note that OpenWrt master feeds may not be compatible with older versions (such as 18.06).

Upstream Sources

The Linux kernel and most third-party packages have their source maintained independently from OpenWrt or GL.iNet. The sources are downloaded during build from other repositories.

GL-iNet Custom Packages

Some of the great utility packages that GL.iNet provides are only available as precompiled packages. They appear to be available at GitHub - gl-inet/glinet: All ipks for GL.iNet's official firmware. and appear to have been updated in the last couple months.