I want to change the appearance of the GUI/interface for the GL-150USB to change the colour and possibly add company name at the top of the GUI page. Can I modify Open WRT to do this?

You need to modify the html, css and scripts. You can find in the /www folder of the router.

I do not have a guide though.

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where is the /www folder found on the route?

You need to log into the router using SSH, you can follow the guide here:

Then you can do:

cd /www
ls -la

All the files for the UI are there, you can edit them as needed.

@johnex Thanks for the info and guide

@Johnex - a lot of the files appear to be read only any idea how to change the UI logo

e.g. GL iNET?

Since the GL UI is technically closed source, we can only point you in the right direction. You can also make an image using the imagebuilder and replace any files you want.