GL 750S router vpn connect to cloud VPN server

So I want to connect my 750S router with a VPN to a cloud VPN Server?
Are you guys familiar with the setup to achieve this?

I want to further protect of ip and DNS leaks. Maybe a different solution will help

If it is your own vpn server, you should know how to set up the vpn server. It should be openvpn or wireguard.

Then you can connect the router to your server as

There is dns encryption on the router as well.

Hi @alzhao ,
What is the significance of these settings?
What do we mean by ip and DNS leaks?

IP leak:
You got an IP address from your ISP. When you access a website, the website knows that you are from this IP address so they know where you are. When you use VPN, the website only knows the VPN server’s IP, so they don’t know where you are. So if vpn setup is not properly, your IP may be leaked to the website.

DNS leak:
When your computer connect to a domain, it sends out a DNS request. The DNS request is a separate data request from the data you visit a website. The DNS request could leak your IP address as well. So need to use encrypted DNS so that the website does not know where you are.

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