GL-A1300 AdGuardHome OOM Crash

Hi, using AdGuardHome leads to the router eventually crashing either after using it for a certain amount of hours, or whenever I update the DNS blocklist, looking at the memory stats seems quite clear that the router is running out of memory, why is AdGuardHome process allowed to exceed it?
Attached the router logs.
Any support would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

logread.tar (140 KB)

How many blocklists to you use?


Does the issue still occur if you reduce the amount, like only activating one big list?
Using so many lists is some kind of difficult because there will be many duplicates.

Yes, even with just one big list, it will even fail to add / update it. All lists there have been manually downloaded and uploaded in the router via scp, updating the .yaml, by me, as otherwise would almost always fail.

I’ve spent quite some time myself before coming at you, and one suggestion I saw around was to soft cap the memory for the go process, perhaps I could try that as well.

I’m wondering if you’re having any better suggestion or an improvement for the next firmware in the way you integrate AdGuardHome / manage memory for the running processes. Ultimately if is using that much memory and failing I’d say is their business to fix, but perhaps since you bundle it you could avoid it to let your routers fail until coordinating with them can lead to a solution.

Is there anything I can do on my side to help you get a better overview as well?

Fast forward today, external drive as overlay file system and swap plus manual adguardhome update seems working fine.

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