GL-AC1300 - Issues with Extender Network Mode

I’m trying to use the “Extender” network mode to extend the range of some equipment which has a WLAN interface (basically it just broadcasts an Access Point to connect to). There is no DHCP server present in the equipment either.

This works flawlessly with the GL-AR750S.

With the AC-1300, I get the following error after choosing the equipment’s access point:

The LAN subnet conflicts with the Wifi subnet to be connected, please set a different subnet.

I’m a bit confused by this as it was my understanding that DHCP is not involved in “Extender” mode - the radio interfaces are just bridged (as opposed to Repeater mode which uses the firewall/router).

After this error, the GL-AC1300 does not enter “Extender” mode but seems to be in “Repeater” mode:

Anyone have any ideas on this different behavior I am seeing? (compared to the old Slate)

EDIT: Firmware info:

Version 4.1.0
Firmware Type release7
Compile Time 2022-11-05 14:58:38(UTC+08:00)

I tested A1300 with release 7.

The first time it revert to repeater.

The 2nd time it goes to extender.

So it seems buggy. I will file a bug internally.
But can you try one more time.

Tried many times and can’t seem to get it to work unfortunately. Look forward to a fix!

On a related topic, would be nice to be able to specify an IP Address when choosing WDS Network Mode - I believe this used to be possible? (Internet Settings - GL.iNet Docs)

The docs you refer is setting up WISP repeater, not WDS.

In firmware 4.x you can specific IP when connect as repeater.

For WDS there is no such settings.

Not sure if this was fixed in the latest 4.1.2, but now I get:

“Failed to get IP” when selecting the equipment AP.

Are you connnecting as WDS, extender or WISP repeater? Pls specify.

Extender network mode. Seems like it is still expecting the AP to give the AC-1300 an IP…

Yes. If it needs to get IP address in order to build bridge.

I tested A1300 4.2.1 just now and extender works. Can you try this firmware?

Do you mean 4.1.2? If so, that is the version I am using.

I didn’t think Extender mode relied on receiving an IP allocation from the access point… This was not the case in the GL-AR750S.

Yes. 4.1.2. My mistake.

Extender mode for A1300 and AR750s are the same.

Can you take some screenshots to see what happens? I did not reproduce on 4.1.2
We failed to reproduce the test here, can you test it with another wifi?

See this video: Tresorit Web Downloader

When connecting to the equipment AP, I now get the original error: “The LAN subnet conflicts with the Wifi subnet to be connected, please set a different subnet.”

When you try to reproduce, are you connecting to equipment that simply broadcasts an access point? (with no DHCP server)

Extender is using relay. Thus the router’s own subnet, which is by default, should not conflict with the wifi network it is trying to connect.

I can see DETECTOR_AP24 IS USING but I cannot see its netmask.

Also from the video I cannot see the subnet of the A1300 router. Can you show that?

You should also disable your repeater directly, remove save SSIDs in case the router is trying to connect as repeater again.