GL-AP1300 mini PCIe and SIM slot


Does GL-AP1300 has mini PCIe and SIM slot? Instead of getting GL-AP1300-LTE, can I buy GL-AP1300 and install EC25 modem by myself? The reason I am asking, is that I already have the EC25 modem.

Another question, does the bluetooth module support SPI interface? Thank you.



Thank you @Battista.xie for confirming that there is SPI interface on GL-AP1300. Do you happen to know that there is GPIO with IRQ pin on the Bluetooth module footprint?

I’m sorry,I need to correct the reply i’ve made before.

Yes, You can install EC25 modem on the GL-AP1300.

No, The bluetooth module does not support SPI interface.

Ah, so only USB to UART interface on the Bluetooth module. Got it. Thank you again for confirming this.