Gl-ap1300lte - vpn reconnection after lte reconnection (comment and suggestion)

Been ‘test-running’ the gl-ap1300lte with lte sim to connect to internet.

sometimes the lte connection stops and reconnects - i see it as ‘normal’

It’s just the wireguard vpn would not be able to reconnect itself after the lte connection is back, it just shows the ‘abort’ button

If the router is at a remote location, i wont be able to login to the router to manually reconnect the vpn

With vpn policies setting, i can at least remotely reboot the router, the vpn can be established after reboot. But this is not convenient, I can’t keep monitoring if the vpn connection is there and keep rebooting the router.

I hope, the router would be better programmed to

  1. after say, 30s of trying to connect to vpn, automatically aborts and attempts again to connect to the vpn
  2. sends notification when vpn connection is broken

Thanks for the suggestions. We will eventually add controlling vpn via cloud.
Now you can build a damon script and use ping to detect internet, then restart wireguard?