GL AR-750s WDS bridge IP address

I’m trying to find the address assigned to the physical AR-750s when connected to the main router. The web interface shows the MAC but does not list the IP address. I’ve tried ARP -a but it only shows my current IP address and the main router device, it does not list the MAC address of the bridge device.

Is this a bug in the UI? It looks like it should list the IP address above the MAC, there is a blank space there.

@mjrtoo Hi, sorry for late reply. In WDS mode, Your PC connect to AR750S will get ip address from your main router. Do you use the latest firmware?

My PC receives an IP address just fine, I’m looking for the IP address of the WDS router itself, it looks like it should be displayed on the main router UI it but it’s just blank. I would like to view its UI if I wanted to change something on that WDS router.

One question, Does WDS router is GL-AR750S? or GL-AR750S is your main router?

Both of the routers are the 750s.

Do you try the latest firmware? It seem work fine. For my testing, the firmware version is v3.002.