GL-AR150 and 2 USB devices?

Is it possible to add a 2nd USB port to a GL-AR150 and use two USB devices simultaneously?
Both USB devices are self powered, and do work fine when connected separately to a GL-AR150!

Yes, but you need a USB hub. We tried to drive 10 bitcoin miner before. You can use our Domino board if you want, there is an 3xUSB+Micro SD combo board.

Thank you for the info alzhao.

Will be ordering some more stuff from you guys soon.

Is this the one you are talking about?

How do I connect it to a GL-AR150, and I only see one USB connector?!


It for connect to AR150, only to the domino pi board, which is actually the same hardware as AR150. It had one USB-A, but two other usb as pins on the top

So this will not work for a AR-150 I guess?

Yes. Because physically you cannot connect.

You can find a USB hub, maybe.