GL-AR150 Dead due to PoE and Usb power same time

Hi, I am using GL-AR150 since last 5 to 6 months and its working fine. Last night accidently i pluged in the mini Usb power cable while the unit is already on by PoE, suddenly usb cable heats up and burning smell comes from the unit and my lovely GL-AR150 died :frowning:.

I open the unit and find some physical damage is there any way to fix it by replacing some parts.


Your time + parts with delivery will probably cost more than getting a new AR150 as replacement. Even if you do fix the parts that burned, it’s very hard to make sure there are no other hidden issues, as well as traces that might have burned up.

out of curiousity - isn’t there a safety mechanism in place that would prevent this type of “double feed” situation?
in theory, the physical presence of a micro-usb connector in the power circuit can disable the power draw from the POE (as done in some devices)

Actually you are write bro.