Gl-ar150 hard reset

I installed the most recent openwrt firmware. For some reason i was having problems getting luci to work. I installed a few packages that someone had suggested to fix luci but it just made it say bad gateway when I tried connecting to the web gui. I held down the reset button for 15 seconds until the led lights flashed. I thought this would perform a reset but now it doesn’t create a wifi connection and I’m unable to connect via ssh when connected directly with Ethernet. What would be the best way to reset the router?

If you flash openwrt default firmware, then you are relying your own skills or GOD.

You need to connect a cable and ssh or telnet to the router to setup. I don’t think you installed luci successfully. Your web server is not up.

You can re-flash firmware using uboot: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs