GL-AR150 Not Saving Firewall Setting

I am currently trying to set up the GL-AR150 as a VPN Client so i can travel and have access to my home’s network. The VPN is working great and without issue, the only issue I’m having is that if the GL-AR150 is power cycled it loses my firewall setting. Is there any way to force the router to retain these setting? Any advice would be much appreciated thank you!

Do you mean the setting lose after the device reboot?

What settings did you make?
Did you actually save the settings?

I had made changes to the Firewall Zone Settings, enabling forwarding on the VPN_Client Zone to the Lan zone, and saved and applied the settings. The router operates just as desired until the unit is power cycled, once power cycled the Firewall Zone Setting revert back to the default settings which rejects Forwarding from the VPN_Client zone.

@id303 Yeah! You need to modify the file /usr/bin/setvpnfirewall, because the firewall of OpenVPN will change by it once restart OpenVPN.

@kyson-lok That was what i was believing would be the case but unfortunately once SSH into the Router and navigating the the file pathway i don’t know what to change or exactly how to change anything

You just need to comment out those firewall rules, then add your own rules to /etc/config/firewall.

Unfortunately /usr/bin/setvpnfirewall is not present in the latest firmware on my GL-MIFI, is there another place it is located at?

check this file


It is much complicated than the previous version.