GL-AR150 SMTP Relay

Is it possible to install a SMTP relay daemon?

I have a GL-AR150 acting as a Lan to Wan router to contain a subnet of CCTV cameras and a Network Video Recorder they link with. The NVR can send emails if trigger events are detected, but the setup parameters are not suitable to connect to my ISP - only email address and password of the account holder, where my ISP requires account ID, password and email address.

So I wondered if it would be possible to install a SMTP mail relay daemon on the GL-AR150 to listen on port 465 for SMTP conversations, and to forward on to a pre-defined Internet SMTP relay (my ISP) without locally storing the email at all (will likely contain a JPG image, and might easily therefore consume too much storage)?

Will be interested to hear what people think.

Instead of using your ISP’s email system, you can send alerts using Gmail.

That is possible, but ‘Allow less secure apps’ must be enabled which seems like a difficult trade-off just to get email working…

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@AndyCXL is correct … I forgot to add that. Create a new Gmail account dedicated to emails from your NVR.

You can Google “gmail nvr” for more information.


Yes this may be the easiest.

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