GL AR150 stuck in flashing!😭

Hello guys I try flashing my new gl ar150 with WiFi pineapple firmware yesterday I do everything correct , i download file from here GitHub - SecurityAddicted/pineapple-ar150: WiFi Pineapple firmware for the GL.iNet GL-AR150. I open then settings advanced etc I chose the ISO and start flashing … I read about 5 min to complete but I was wait 2 hours… I close the pc and the gl ar150 never play again . I try resetting with the power cable and wait the red button flickering 5 times but nothing. Plz guys help me :frowning::frowning::frowning:
:unamused:( also I try connecting it with the router and the router doesn’t read it I try scan the network for connecting IPs but nothing again.)

You can follow the debrick guide here:

ok bro it work i install again the factory firmware but now i cant acces bcs of this when i go in
500 - Internal Server Error i try with wifi & lan i also change from public to privet but nothing.

Try clearing your browser cache :slight_smile:

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Heygood morning it works! thx bro!!